commonly known as "Face Lift" it will tighten facial muscles and remove extra skin from face and neck.


the removal of excess skin and fat around the upper and lower eyelids.

Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift

lifting the brow, upper eyelid and surrounding tissues using small incisions hidden in the hair.


the correction of deformities dealing with the nose.


improving the partition in the nose in order to improve breathing.


shaping or molding the chin to improve facial features.

Cheek Augmentation

building up underdeveloped or flattened cheeks to create equality in the facial structure.

Lip Lift

the improvement of thin or aging lips.


a procedure created to reposition protruding ears.

Chemical Peeling

improving wrinkles and sun damaged skin through the application of various liquid agents.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

removing the upper layer of skin with a laser to improve wrinkles and age spots.


improving skin defects or scars through the use of a buffing procedure.

Scar Revision and Skin Surgery

this is used to improve scars, skin tumors, birthmarks, and cysts by manipulating the skin.

Hair Restoration

bringing hair to balding areas of the scalp through grafting or transplantation.


an injection used to weaken muscles in order to decrease facial folds and wrinkles.


the use of a fine "sand blaster" to lightly polish the skin.


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