"I've planned to have SmartLip for a few years and finally got it done. I'm very happy with the results! My profile looks so much better! I would highly recommend SmartLip. Now, I have to go shop for shirts to fit my new & improved body!"

- J. Tilley

"Dr. Muecke performed smart lipo on my abdomen & love handles nearly seven weeks ago. I am so very pleased with the results thus far & have every reason to believe that I will see even more improvement in the weeks to come.
I was pleasantly surprised at how I came through the surgery with relatively little pain. The first two days were somewhat unpleasant, but the only pain medication I had to take was Extra Strength Tylenol.
I would recommend Dr. Muecke to anyone trying to get rid of belly fat that seems impossible to lose otherwise."

- Jean, satisfied patient, Trussville, AL

"After much research and talking with professionals who have not only performed lipo- suction and been patients in other facilities, my husband and I BOTH opted to use Dr. Maureen Muecke. This was the BEST possible experience we could have had. Not only does she not REQUIRE you to use the traditional horror drugs, she allows each person to maintain self-respect and weigh in on the best options pertaining to their treatment. The office staff and nurses were wonderful, personable, and very well trained in all areas. Dr. Muecke was fabulous to talk with before, during, and after the procedure. (which by the way was a very pleasant experience!) Both of us would vouch to anyone that she is by far the most qualified, personable, caring physician that we could have found for the SMART LIPO procedure. We live 3 hours from Birmingham and could have gone to a 'surgery center or hospital' much closer but Dr. Muecke's clinic definetely was what we were seeking. At this time we have three people who will be traveling to Birmingham to Dr. Mueck for consultations for other procedures that she performs. She will be the first and only choice for our family for any elective surgeries that any of us may choose to do.

If you have read other reviews written by disgruntled ex-employees or the competition I would urge you to speak with an actual patient who has used this facility and doctor. Dr. Muecke is actively doing hands on training with her staff and during our three days being in and out of the office we had the opportunity to talk with and see 'returning clients' as well as talk lengthly with the staff. The patients we talked with loved their results and would come back for more! These comments are here to encourge anybody out there to consider Dr. Muecke for smart lipo. If you want a perfectionist to work with you will be in the right place."

- Regina C.

"Mo Muecke is my hero! I am a natural (no steroids) Master Professional Bodybuilder. In order to remain competitive as I continued to compete in my late 60's (I am 69), Dr. Muecke performed some very skillful Smart Lipo around my midsection that eliminated some age-related body fat. When she completed the work, I actually had a nice 'six-pack' that I was never able to show before. Thanks, Doc!"

- Scott "Old Navy" H.

"I came to Dr. Muecke after seeing her on TV and hearing her on the Rick and Bubba Show. I had decided I wanted a fresh and healthy look. My face was showing the signs of stress due to my care giving. " I don't call it a job but a blessing" as I cared for my parents. After their passing away, I wanted to do something for myself. I am more than satisfied with my procedure. I have promised myself to keep my appearance as natural and fresh because that is how I feel now. I say "love yourself" and "take care of you"."

- Judy S.

"I knew that with dedication to working out and diet I could get back to my desired weight, however at the age of 70 I thought I might need a "jump start". I made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Muecke and was satisfied with what I heard so I proceeded with an appointment for the surgery. The surgery went as planned with very little pain or discomfort. With this "jump start" I returned to the gym and started a good workout schedule. A few years later, I competed in a body building competition event in July 2012 as the oldest competitor and was pleased with the results. I weighed 220 pounds at the time of my surgery, competed at 180 and now weigh 185. I see more shows ahead for me in the next few years and am pleased that I got the "jump start" that I needed from Dr. Muecke. I would recommend Dr. Muecke to anyone who needs help with problem areas. She is professional, courteous and committed to providing desired results to her clients."

- Ken A.